Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thomas Frank Is One Angry Liberal

Pity the Billionaire, by Thomas Frank

Have you ever wondered why the Conservatives are so angry even when everything seems to be going their way?  And where are the angry Liberals?  In Pity the Billionaire, Thomas Frank finds enough righteous Liberal anger to satisfy everyone and serves it up with a healthy dollop of withering humor.

So, why is Thomas Frank so angry?  Because crushing economic circumstances have brought tremendous power to the very ideas, beliefs, and people who created those circumstances.  And while Conservatives scream and yell and boo-hoo over their victimization, Liberals stand mumbling ineffectively in the background.

The Right has been very busy usurping all the Left’s arguments, turning them on their heads and demanding even harsher punishment for victims of the economic crash and even greater rewards for the perpetrators.  Too many of us are now thinking of the traders who made out like bandits before everything crashed and then cashed in at our expense afterwards as “the little guys” struggling bravely against big government.

Paul Ryan became the darling of big business by ranting for small business and entrepreneurs and blaming all our woes on government interference in free markets.  We have become a nation where “your mortgage is not MY problem” as one tea party rally sign expressed it.  We have a situation in which the guy in the breadline is worried about the guy lounging on his yacht!

Public discourse has gone all topsy-turvy and Thomas Frank explains how it happened with wit, humor, and righteous anger.

So, do you pity the billionaire?  Does government have a role in our recovery?  Can the policies that got us in this mess get us out of it?  And most importantly, who do you think should lead us through economic recovery?  Are you angry yet?  At this critical time, share your thoughts!

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