About Me

I am opinionated. 

Normally, I like to let new acquaintances discover that in their own good time.  In this case, though, I think it might be a really good qualification for what I am undertaking here.

I am well aware that a lot of folks think being opinionated is a fault of some sort, something a person so afflicted should strive to overcome.  In my opinion, being opinionated is more akin to being thoughtful.  If you think about things, you naturally develop opinions and what could be more natural than sharing them. 

I guess, then, you could say that makes me generous.  Okay, I can see that I may be stretching things with that one.  And recent political developments have pretty well taught me the hard lesson that a person who has strong opinions and is willing -- even eager -- to share them has not necessarily given them one iota of thoughtful consideration.  So I will back off on that point.

And the one before it.  That leaves us with just this.  I am really opinionated and I am eager to share my opinions.  You will just have to take your chances beyond that.

But here is another true thing.  I love books and I love sharing ideas about what I read.  I am hoping that I can bring those two things together in this blog and maybe come up with something worthwhile.

But sharing is not really sharing if it only goes one way.  I hope you will read something here that leads you to a book you might have missed otherwise.  And after you read it (or listen to it), I hope you will come back and share your ideas and opinions.

I would love to hear from you.

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